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Tips for Hiring a Seattle Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Litigation of traffic cases is robust and complicated. In most cases, it is never clear who was on the wrong and who was not. The verdict of most of these cases depends mainly on the skills of the lawyer in question. This means that whenever you are issued with a traffic ticket such as the speeding ticket, you have to choose the best lawyer to represent you throughout the entire litigation period. Here are a few tips for selecting a speeding tickets lawyer…

Traffic Tickets

Experience in vehicle and traffic law highly affects the results of the litigation process. You need to ask your preferred candidate how many speeding ticket cases he or she has handled, and what the outcome was. Has the lawyer been in the court where you are summoned before? Has he or she written some articles on speeding tickets? Any information that explains the lawyers experience will be of great help.

Proper understanding and interpretation of Seattle traffic rules and regulations.

The ability of the lawyer to defend you will depend on his or her knowledge of the traffic laws of the jurisdiction concerned, whether he is a defence attorney or a defendant attorney. A speeding ticket means that you were caught exceeding the speeding limit. The lawyer must be able to confirm that the limit was or was not exceeded. All the evidence produced must, of course, have a rich legal backing. A speeding ticket also has several implications, depending on the gravity of the situation. For instance, it may lead to the revocation of the driver’s license or suspension. The chosen lawyer must be able to interpret all the possible implications of the case and advise you accordingly.

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If you are looking for the lawyer online, be careful to avoid non-lawyers.

While the internet is the easiest way to get a speeding traffic lawyer, it is also the easiest way to get cheated by conmen masquerading as speeding traffic lawyers. The best way to avoid such non-lawyers is to choose lawyers from official sites of reputable law firms.

Membership with professional bodies

A lawyer who is not a member of the professional lawyers’ body in the region is not one you can trust. This is because membership to these organizations entails adherence to the codes of conduct, standards of performance and the professionalism that befits proficient lawyers.

The lawyer’s Background.

The lawyer’s background will speak volumes about his or her ability to handle the case successfully. To begin with, you need to check the academic credentials. Which school/University did he/she attend? Has he/she won any awards in the past? Obviously, you need to choose local lawyers, as they are conversant with the local traffic laws.

Communication skills

As you interview the lawyer, be keen to make a judgement on his or her communication skills. Assess the ability to answer questions correctly and honestly. Do you feel comfortable when speaking to him or her? If not, it is time to pick a different lawyer.


Price is a critical issue when it comes to choosing a speeding ticket lawyer. Some lawyers are just unreasonable with their prices, others will charge you highly because they have a good reputation and they are sure of handling your case professionally. You have to be keen to avoid choosing a lawyer just because he or she is the cheapest. At the same time, you should not pay overly high costs simply because you are hiring the most well-known lawyer. There should be a balance.

Choosing a speeding ticket lawyer is always tricky, given the number of lawyers available. However, with these tips, you will be on the right track.